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Civil Engineering Consultancy

DRD is the consultancy benefactor in the discipline of Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Investigation and Ground Investigation etc. From survey investigation to master plan building, from design to project management helping you to reach your terminus. We effort in adjacent corporation with our users, that helps us to comprehend their requirements, thus offer liberated methodical, tactical, profitable advice to bring an extensive developments for the societies in which we live...
DRD deal inclusive design and engineering consultancy facilities through our key areas. These include all phases of project progression.
Our range of associates mirrors our multi-purpose success.

Institutional amalgamation

DRD raises a new pathway for the ongoing academic institution where the professional courses are taught and grounded in theory and applied in practice.
DRD is comprised with respected scholars pursuing the latest research, and industry expertise whose involvements must enrich the regular academic curriculum that reflects the needs of all our young technocrats.
DRD is spreading their hands beyond traditional disciplines but rather focused on the outcome based academic program. In these 3 years we have successfully run lot of fruitful program regarding research & publication programs, additional projects, seminars, recent trend software tanning, Industry ready brass up tutorial, skill development program (PMKVY) with TIIME Group, CET (India), Education Development Center, Shankardev Institute of Engineering & Management, Sri Aurobindo Engineering Institute, Grape Academi, Supreme Knowledge Foundation Group of Institution, Camellia School of Engineering & Technology. This has been promising due to our perpetual efforts to retain speed with the moving times and go-getting for enriched quality and educational brilliance.

e-Learning Technology

Our learning process has now become almost stereotypical. There is nothing novel in the system. Learners learn mostly by rote and often fail to assimilate what they have read or just gone through Reproducing the correct answer often evades them. This is the basic limit of rote learning. Reciprocal method of learning is an altogether new concept. The learners have a leading and active role in the process of self- learning. They should be pro-active and should try to assimilate the subject all by themselves. Educationists say that- self learning is the best possible form of learning. It does not come from teacher to student equation. The students have their own concepts and enrich them with novel concepts that they happen to come across while reading by themselves. We are now going the whole hog to introduce and encourage this new concept of reciprocal methodology in the process of learning. Let us give the new concept a fair trial, so that it may sink deeply in the learners. Hope the learners will be able to take proper care of themselves in their later pursuits in the field of academic excellence. Framed by analogy, put into natural practice.
Lead to enhancement in cognitive function Accelerate creative thinking Gain memory performance Reset our attention Help to be more productive framed by analogy.

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